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Below are a list of elected and appointed positions within the GSA that are open to registered full-time graduate students at UCR. Elections are held each Spring, and appointed positions are made by the incoming executive board.

Elected Offices

In addition to the below duties, all elected officers are members of the Executive board of the GSA council, and are expected to attend the monthly GSA meetings, and a short monthly meeting of the executive board.


Stipend: $3,915 ($210.00/month from July, through September, $365.00/month October through June)
Duties and Responsibilities: Six office hours per week.
Responsible for administration of affairs, primary spokesperson, lead Graduate Student Council (GSC) meetings, establish council agenda, oversee and manage the budget, hold regular office hours, delegate duties to other officers.

Executive Vice President

Stipend:$3,915 ($210.00/month from July, through September, $365.00/month October through June)
Duties and Responsibilities: Four office hours per week. Act as GSAUCR's official representative to the University of California Student Association (UCSA) by attending monthly meetings at each campus, report to the GSC on any system-wide, state, or federal legislation that directly impacts UC, publicize initiatives, referenda, and recalls and oversee elections, hold office hours.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Stipend:$2910 ($210.00/month for September, $300.00/month October through June)
Duties and Responsibilities: Four office hours per week. Meet regularly with the graduate student associations of the departments, oversee placement of students in campus-wide committees, oversee and advise the Academic Affairs Officers of each college/school, hold office hours

Public Relations Officer

Stipend: $2400 ($210.00/month for September, $250.00/month October through June)
Duties and Responsibilities: Three office hours per week. Responsible for maintaining the GSA website and other means of contact between the GSA and the general graduate student population, contact campus representatives to obtain information about relevant graduate student issues for dissemination, perform general public relations duties, hold office hours.

Health Insurance Chair

Stipend: $1800 ($100.00/month for September, $200.00/month October through June)
Duties and Responsibilities: Two office hours per week. Primary representative on graduate health insurance policy and decision-making process for policies and programs, chair UCR graduate health insurance policy committee meetings, hold office hours.

Appointed Positions

Graduate Student Liaison (1)

Stipend: $3,300 ($300/month from Oct through June, $200/month from July through Sept)
Length of contract: 12 months, beginning September
Approximate time commitment: 8 hrs/wk for academic year and 4 hrs/wk for summer
Duties and responsibilities: We are looking for a responsible and self-motivated individual who will work closely with the GSA, the Graduate Division, and other campus offices as necessary. The primary task will be to develop an understanding of the structure of graduate education at UCR and to disseminate that information to the graduate population. This work will form the backbone of a project to continually update all graduate students on funding opportunity deadlines, fee schedules, etc.. Duties include attending the monthly meetings of the Graduate Student Council as well as holding office hours.

Minigrant Coordinator (1)

Stipend: $2,400 ($200/ month)
Length of contract: 12 months
Approximate time commitment: 4 hrs/week
Duties and responsibilities: We are looking for a well-organized and responsible individual to coordinate the rapidly growing Minigrant program. Duties will include cataloging incoming Minigrant applications and checking them for completeness and accuracy, organizing meetings of the Minigrant committee to review applications and make awards, and coordinating collection of receipts and dispersal of monies to awardees. In addition, the Minigrant coordinator will ensure that all departments have updated Minigrant applications and are aware of new criteria. Attendance at monthly Graduate Student Council meetings is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Academic Affairs Officers (6--one per college)

Stipend: $900 ($100/month)
Length of contract: 9 months, beginning October
Approximate time commitment: 1 hr/wk
Duties and responsibilities: We are looking for interested and involved individuals from each college (College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, College of Engineering, Anderson Graduate School of Management, Division of Biomedical Sciences, and the School of Education) to meet regularly with the Dean of the College to discuss academic and budgetary developments in the college, to assist the Dean in matters which require student input, and to represent the concerns of graduate students in that college. In addition, attendance is required at monthly Graduate Student Council meetings. Please indicate your department and college in your cover letter.

Graduate Office Assistant (1)

Hourly wage: $8.00/hour
Length of contract: 9-12 months
Approximate time commitment: 5-7 hrs/wk
Duties and responsibilities: We are looking for an impoverished but organized graduate student to organize monthly Graduate Student Council mailings and refreshments, to attend meetings and record minutes. In addition, some light clerical duties (filing, copying, etc.) will be required. Hours are flexible with the exception of meeting dates.



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