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Candidates for
GSA Elected Offices

Office of President (1 candidate)
William C. Corley -- English

Let there be no confusion: William C. Corley is Liam Corley. Vote accordingly.

Some Qualifications:

As interim Chief of Staff for a national non-profit organization, I facilitated communication and coordination between the vice-presidents and senior management of an organization with over 1,000 employees and an annual budget of $45 million. For over 9 months, I analyzed business plans, reviewed employment policies, and represented the organization to national media. I am an excellent public speaker, partly because of my undergraduate degree in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. In the year and a half I've been at UC Riverside, I've served on the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program Committee and the Academic Senate Committee on Courses. I've also spoken with the Chancellor on several occasions and met with the Executive Vice Chancellor to advocate for programs and policies in the best interests of graduate students.

Some Promises:

As UC Riverside grows, there are increasing opportunities and dangers for graduate students and graduate education. The leadership and advocacy roles of GSA President are particularly important during this time when university administrators are determining many of the policies and structures that will affect the quality and composition of the graduate population at UCR for the next 10 years. As GSA President, I will shrewdly and consistently advocate the interests of graduate students in university planning and growth. I am particularly concerned with the excellence and diversity of our graduate population and will work to make graduate outreach a higher priority for the university. The quality of our intellectual community and the future value of our academic degrees depends upon it.

Advocacy, however, is only one part of the president's job. As GSA
president, I will also work to ensure that GSA resources and programs are used in the most efficient and strategic manner to ensure that *all* of UCR's graduate students receive benefits from their membership in the Association. We all hope that UCR continues to rise in the academic empyrean, and improving the campus-wide intellectual and social atmosphere for graduate students is one way for the GSA to contribute to this rise. Toward that end, I will work with the Graduate Student Council to develop new programs and events, perhaps on a college by college level, which will ensure that GSA resources contribute to the larger needs of the graduate student population.
GSA resources of money and influence should be used, not merely stewarded from one year to another. With your support, I'll help mobilize the know-how and the interest among graduate students to use our current resources in service of urgent student needs and innovative--possibly daring or risky--programs and events which will raise UCR's profile in the community and improve the daily intellectual and social enjoyment of our graduate students.

Please vote for Liam Corley as GSA President.

Executive Vice President (1 candidate)
Miguel Carrion Alvarez -- Mathematics

As an incoming graduate student from abroad it was hard for me to become
aware of many of the issues facing students at the campus and state levels.
As Executive Vice-President I will not only take part in UC-wide student
governance, but I will also try to ensure that information about the issues
there makes its way to all students.

Vice President of Academic Affairs (1 candidate)
Ryan Williams -- Environmental Toxicology

Fellow graduate students, I would like to ask for your support in this years GSA election. I have served in GSA as the Academic Affairs Officer, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences for the past 3 years. My experience and participation has familiarized me with GSA and the importance of representing the graduate student community. My goal is to continue my contribution through the duties of Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Thank you for your support, Ryan Williams.

Health Insurance Chair (2 Candidates)
1. Toby Bartels -- Mathematics

I'm Toby Bartels from the math department, and I'm running for the office of Health Insurance Chair. I'm dependent on the services of GSHIP for my continued good health, and I want to make sure that someone in that position is involved in managing the GSHIP program. In the past year, I've gained experience on the GSHIP committee, and now I want to put that to good use.

2. Mark Bundy – English

After having worked for the same pharmacy as the head Technician for almost ten consecutive years, I have developed a wide range of experience in most things medical and pharmaceutical (I have a strong background in
significant fields of study and experience that a good healthcare professional should possess, ideally--a background, for example, that includes a longtime development of knowledge in Medical Terminology, Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics, Anatomy and Physiology, and every conceivable method of Third-party Insurance Billing; further, I strive always to maintain an overall and primary concern for improving relations between contractors, healthcare providers, and insurance companies that, in time, will work to the benefit of each patient and will help to recuperate the integrity of the complex network of healing so lately reduced to numbers, premiums, deductibles, anxieties about coverage, and CO-PAY frustrations).

If elected as the GSA Health Insurance Chair, I will endeavor to sustain and continue the excellent attention that recently has been put into place and already has been devoted to addressing the health care concerns and insurance needs of all UCR grad students. As new issues or changes arise, I will direct my experience and energy at handling every health insurance situation effectively while upholding the best interests of all graduate students at UCR.

As a grad student and a healthcare professional myself, I am dedicated to pursuing the goals of clarity, fairness, and continued improvements in our health insurance options at UCR. More importantly, I look forward to promoting not only improvements or modifications in health insurance policies on paper and in theory, but also to encouraging a focus on well-being and confidence in the status of our various and ongoing shifts regarding health insurance policies and procedures.

It is only fair, after mentioning my "strengths" of having worked hands-on with all aspects of health insurance problems, dilemmas, and small triumphs on a daily basis for the past decade, that I should mention also my weakness (one that I'm certain will quickly fade with experience!): As of yet, I have never served as a member of any student governmental association, and thus I need to learn the particulars and protocols of things like meetings, voting, office hours, etc. I hope that, like myself, you will see this "lack" as a chance for me to further my experiences as a grad student and to supplement my own learning process of communicating with other students on a number of levels. I also hope you'll remember what I would bring to the office of Health Insurance Chair--familiarity, understanding, experience, friendliness, and a genuine interest in helping to meet the personal health care requirements of every UCR grad student--which means, finally, that I hope that you'll vote for me, Mark W. Bundy.

Thanks very much for your time and your consideration!

Public Relations Officer (1 Candidate)
Stephen Krawczuk -- Sociology

I will do my best to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Public Relations Officer.
Thank you.


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