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ASPB Referendum
Authored by: Shaheryar A. Naqvi


With an upcoming surge in the campus population to over 21,000 undergraduates, the time has come for an increase in student funding for the Associated Students Program Board.


This bill proposes a referenda to be placed on the 2001-2002 ASUCR Elections for the Associated Students Program to increase the student fee of $4.50 per quarter to $10.00 per quarter.

Section 1

The Associated Students Program of the University of California at Riverside shall be herein referred to as the ASPB.

Section 2

WHEREAS, the demand for bigger and better events by the students is an important aspect for programming campus entertainment; and

WHEREAS, students are deserving of large concerts, films, cultural, and special events; and

WHEREAS, students shall be allowed to decide to increase student fees for ASPB; and

WHEREAS, the increase will allow ASPB to program events that meet the students demand and provide campus entertainment on a greater scale to UCR; and

WHEREAS, this will allow students to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience at the University of California at Riverside; and

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT, the Student Senate of ASUCR proposes this referendum to the 2001-2002 Elections Ballot.

Section 3

Beginning Fall 2001, ASPB will be receiving $10.00 per student, per quarter for programming campus entertainment. If the bill is passed it will take effect Fall 2001.

Section 4

ASUCR Administrative Analyst Laurie Sinclair, ASUCR Accountant Theresa Perez, Chancellor Raymond Orbach, Lance Gilmar, AVC Vince Del Pizzo, AVC Gus Kravas, ASUCR Elections Chair Sandy Wong, ASPB Chairman Shaheryar Naqvi, ASPB Advisor Dale Masterson

Last Modified: 4/27/18