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ASUCR Resolution #6-0001
Resolution for Highlander Referendum Initiative
Authored by: Scott Silverman, Mike Atienza and Sylvie Nguyen

The Highlander Newspaper has championed student free speech for over 45 years. And over those years, the Highlander has provided quality reporting and served as a forum of thought for students as an independent newspaper. In fact, the Highlander is the only UC newspaper that is completely self-reliant, receiving no student funding. Recently, though, the Highlander has been experiencing the same growing pains that UCR is experiencing. In covering more and more campus issues, the Highlander has been growing bigger and better. But with this growth comes increased printing costs. Moreover, administration hiked up rent for office space, further increasing the Highlander's overhead costs. To ensure that we can continue to grow alongside UCR and continue to improve and excel in serving the UCR community, we are asking for a $2.00 increase in undergraduate fees each quarter. We have been doing our best at the Highlander for the last 45 years without any outside help. Now, with a little student help, we at the Highlander hope to take our reporting to another level.

Text: Section 1

WHEREAS, the Highlander is the largest newspaper on campus and is the only UC newspaper that is completely self-funded by students; and

WHEREAS, the Highlander has striven to provide thorough and fair reporting of campus issues as well as serving as a forum for opinions and ideas; and

WHEREAS, the expanding coverage of the growing UCR campus has led to an increase in printing and overhead costs; and

WHEREAS, the Highlander has been faced with an 45% increase in rent over the past two years for our office space; and

WHEREAS, printing rates were raised by 6% because newsprint prices increased dramatically along with utilities; and

WHEREAS, student editors at the Highlander work between 15-28 hours a week and receive stipends averaging $200 a month, which is far lower that the other ASUCR workers; and

WHEREAS, new students often do not want to work for the Highlander because of the low stipends; and

WHEREAS, the Highlander cannot increase stipends until we cover deficits incurred by an increase in printing costs and overhead; and

WHEREAS, the Highlander is read by not only the UCR community, but by other universities throughout California, and serves as a symbol of the university; and

WHEREAS, our current circulation of 10,000 newspapers will not be sufficient for the population of the school, which is slated to be 22,000 by 2010; and

WHEREAS, there is no journalism or communications department at UCR to support student journalism on campus either financially or academically; and

WHEREAS, and increase in funding to the Highlander will allow better and more accurate coverage, fair wages for staff members and the possibility of a biweekly newspaper in the future.

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT, the Students Senate of the Associated Students of the University of California, Riverside (ASUCR) place a $2 referendum initiative on the ballot for the ASUCR 2001 elections on behalf of the Highlander.


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