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ASUCR Resolution # 9-0001
Resolution for USSA Referendum
Authored by: Ryann Nieves


In 1947, The United States Student Association (USSA) was founded. Since then USSA has been the only voice on Capitol Hill representing students. It is the nation's oldest and largest student association.


Section 1

United States Student Association shall herein be referred to as USSA.

Section 2

WHEREAS, USSA is the nation's oldest and largest student association advocating on behalf of students since 1947; and

WHEREAS, USSA works on issues of educational access including increasing financial aid, recruitment and retention of traditionally underrepresented students, and campus safety; and

WHEREAS, USSA represents and advocates for all students and is the only student voice on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and in the Department of Education; and

WHEREAS, USSA was instrumental in winning Southworth to maintain student fee autonomy; and

WHEREAS, USSA is committed to student fee autonomy; and

WHEREAS, USSA wrote a co-brief against Wisconsin v. Southworth; and

WHEREAS, this directly affected and upheld ASUCR v. Regents case; and

WHEREAS, UC Riverside is not officially represented in USSA; and

WHEREAS, it is incumbent for UCR to have official representation on a national level; and

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT, ASUCR support membership in USSA of $.75 per quarter.


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