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Previous Elections
2001 Election



ASUCR preliminary Election results


*indicates one of the 2 elected Engineering senators

Candidate Total Votes
*Nicholas Nguyen 61
*Julia Peron 55
Zaynal A. Pham 50
Michael Ou 3
Chen Lin (Lincoln) 3
Jose Morachis 2
La Gente Umoja 2
Eugene Fung, Eugene Fung 1
Greg Nemet 1
Han Weng 1
Martha Salcido 1
Christopher Bailey 1
Korey Sewell 1
Jayme Anderson 1
Chris Malek 1
Bin Lin 1
Nicholas Nguen 1
Alex Ruiz 1
Jorge Macias 1
The comic book store guy from the Simpsons 1

Josh Willis




as certified by the ASUCR elections committee


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