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Candidates for President

One Candidate.
Name William C. Corley
Department English
Candidate Statement **Let there be no confusion: William C. Corley is Liam Corley.**

Against all expectation (personal and societal), I find myself declaring my willingness to serve again as President of the Graduate Student Association. And not merely willingness--I am eager to serve again. You may be interested in an explanation.

  1. I am eager for the GSA to capitalize on the opportunity a new Chancellor presents. By building on my experience serving on the Advisory Committee to Select a New Chancellor for UCR, I hope to put graduate issues and GSA initiatives in the forefront of the new chancellor's thinking.
  2. Though I have begun a process of reviewing campuswide Registration Fee allocations this year, I do not anticipate accomplishing my goal of obtaining more reg-fee funded services for graduate students until next year. Some promising signs--like a dedic ated nonacademic career search officer for grad students--encourage me that we can receive more focused services for the $1.2 Million that we pay into Reg Fees.
  3. I have diligently worked toward obtaining permanent funding for an administrative person to keep the GSA's doors open during business hours. Many of you have probably noticed our temporary assistance in this area. You'll know by election-time if we' ve been successful in obtaining the $18K necessary to fund the position next year.
  4. We have been remarkably successful this year in gaining broad campus support for a Graduate Research Awards and Colloquium program. Ultimately, this program will be fully funded and administered by the university for the benefit of graduate students. In the current budget crisis, this is remarkable. Thanks to all who have contributed to the development of the program.
  5. With the partnership of students on the Commons Expansion Committee, we have taken the first steps towards establishing a real (large) Graduate Student Lounge on campus. I believe this will be a solid contribution to graduate student life on campus.
  6. Finally, I feel that if I do not run again, I will deny my colleagues the right to express their approval or disapproval of my performance as your representative this past year. I would be delighted to welcome others into the presidential race, and I pledge myself to fully orient and prepare a new president should one be elected. The more candidates we have for office, the stronger the debate and the more choices graduate students will have.

On a personal note, I have really enjoyed working on your behalf as a representative of graduate student interests. Though this position has put me behind in my academic pursuits, I'm still making progress within normative time. I completed my coursework for the PhD with a 4.0 and am currently preparing for my qualifying exams to be taken in October. Most importantly, my wife and my son have agreed to let me run again :)

So for a hardworking representative who knows what he is getting himself into, please vote for Liam Corley as GSA President.

Candidates for Executive Vice President

No Candidates.

Candidates for Vice President for Academic Affairs

Four Candidates.

Name Emily K. O'neill Department Sociology
Candidate Statement
As a graduate student I am concerned about the relationship and communication between graduate students and the University administration. Interaction between students and administration is a useful tool for creating an academic environment that is conducive to productivity for all involved. I am eager to represent the GSA in the endeavor to work in cooperation with administration to ensure that the concerns of both students and faculty in creating and maintaining a positive academic environment are addressed.

Currently, my research finds me in a position which requires me to deal with administrative personnel for the County of Riverside including the Board of Supervisors on a daily basis and this experience has afforded me a strong background in communicating with individuals in an administrative capacity in order accomplish certain goals.

As the Vice President for Academic Affairs I intend to convey to graduate students the importance communicating their concerns and thereby encourage more departmental representation in the GSA. In addition, I will solicit input regarding what concerns graduate students have regarding the quality of life at UCR and see how these can be addressed through cooperation with administration.

Name Adam t. Dierkers Department Biochemistry
Candidate Statement
Due to the diversity of the departments in UCR, the resources of the GSA could allow for a mutual interest sharing, and education among the UCR graduate students. However, because the sizes of the departments are far from even, the smaller departments tend to have less say in the allocation of GSA resources, which in turn leads to decreased particpation. If elected, I pledge to communicate with smaller and more recently formed departments, in order to find common interests of all the graduate students at UCR. We are all graduate students going through the same hardships, and we should be equally represented in the GSA. As more departments voice their thoughts and concerns, the more the Graduate Student Association will grow and prosper for the students. As Vice-President for Academic Affairs, I promise to work form the most diverse and interactive GSA.
Name Xiaofei Zhang Department Environmental Toxicology
Candidate Statement
Academic success is the major concern of all graduate students toward the degree and the future career development. Therefore, graduate study is a key period of time to nurture the maturity. I think one of the initiatives of GSA is to bring all the resources to its members to help us financially and mentally. Lots of grads don't know these existed resources, even don't know what GSA is, especially for international students including myself before I attended its meetings. Our organization needs cultural diversity, so does its academic activity. Therefore, it is reasonable to have representatives with international background in GSA. Currently, I'm the treasurer of Chinese Students and Scholars Association and have the experiences to organize several cultural events in UCR. This position is a new challenge to me. If elected, I will try to grasp all my mind and energy to fulfill its all functions. My aim will be to promote the communication of GSA members, try to present all the resources that can be of help, increase the influence of GSA both in the organization and in the administrative levels of the university and let more grads to access the benefit from GSA. Please give me your support. I will be glad to be the humble servant of all our members. Thank you very much!
Name Samantha Scribner Department School of Education
Candidate Statement
I am currently in my third year as a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Education (GSOE). I have been attending GSA meetings since September and I have served as the GSOE Academic Affairs Officer, a liaison between the GSOE and the GSA. As such I have been introduced to the important work of the GSA and its service to graduate students and would like to increase my level of participation as the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Having had administrative experience within the public school sy stem, an undergraduate background in fine arts, and currently pursuing an academic career in education research, I feel like I have a uniquely appropriate blend of experiences to serve in this position and on a GSC team committed to advocacy for graduate students and the improvement of UCR as an institution.

Health Insurance Committee Chair

One Candidate.

Name Mark Bundy
Department English
Candidate Statement After just getting my feet wet as your representstive for the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan, I am looking forward to the pleasure of serving and working hard to continually improve our current coverage. As a reminder, I have more than 9 years experience working in a pharmacy (where I have learned well the skills, vocabulary, and confidence that is requisite to perform the tasks of insurance review and billing, patient care and a high standard of keeping updated on information in the health care field). I have a strong background in Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Pharmacokinetics. Most Importantly, I feel as though my work as the GSHIP chair has just begun, and am excited to begin a new academic year as the incumbernt candidate. I am here to make sure that all Grad Student healthcare needs continue to increasingly enhance, develop, and enrich your overall well-being. I thank you for your time, and I hope that you will consider to vote for me, Mark Bundy, to be the GSHIP chair.

Public Relations Officer

One Candidate.

Name Kasey Moreland Department Anthropology
Candidate Statement
I am currently in my first year of graduate studies at UCR. I am pursuing a PhD in Anthropology and would be honored to serve in the Graduate Student Council. As a graduate student of the department of Anthropology and as one at UCR, I consider myself as part of a community, one where I find it crucial to interact with students both within and outside of my own department. If elected for the position of the Public Relations Officer, I would be committed to further enhancing communication to the graduate community on the entire Riverside campus.

I am currently Vice President of the Student Association of Graduate Anthropologists (a.k.a., SAGA). As an active member of SAGA, I have had the opportunity to help organize a regional conference hosted by the graduate students in Anthropology. The James Young Colloquium was held February 21-22nd of this year, where I also presented a scholarly paper. Furthermore, I edited and produced the program for the colloquium, which housed the schedule and abstracts for each of the papers.

In addition, I helped write and produce the Second Edition of the Graduate Guide for prospective Anthropology students. As a project still in process we are compiling a comprehensive bulletin for incoming anthropology graduate students who have been accepted to UCR. In this guide, we have compiled everything from general information on the Riverside community to specifics of our own department.

Also within my first year, I have interacted on an individual and regular basis with many of the faculty, where I have maintained a professional and friendly relationship. I am comfortable voicing student concerns among professors and students alike, where I think a community relationship and interaction with all students is crucial. Thus, in my first year, I have remained an active participant within my own community. Now, I am eager to forge communication, not only among Anthropology students, but to extend that community out to the entire graduate population at UCR.

With this goal in mind, I will further improve upon the communication among the entire graduate community. As a woman, I have the ability to voice a minority opinion. I will listen to all graduate student concerns and communicate them effectively.

More specifically, I would like to break the imaginary boundary between the two schools on campus, the Natural Sciences vs. the Humanities. I think it is important that each department is represented in GSA. Thus I will help improve communication to those departments not actively represented in GSA.

Although these concerns may fall into the Vice President for Academic Affairs position, I would like to re-emphasize the fact that as PR officer, I will collaborate and extend my responsibilities to these issues. They are, after all, major priorities of GSA. It is the PR officer's fundamental job to execute, publicize, and advertise the agendas of GSA.

There are some concerns I have with the current means of establishing GSA's interaction with the community. I would like to see more active communication to all departments, but especially those who are underrepresented in GSA. In the past we relied on fliers and other banners, which are based on passive interaction, to recruit and remind future members when and where meetings will be held. Although I think fliers are effective means of communication, any piece of paper may be easily overlooked by people and put into the garbage. Rather than placing these fliers in each graduate student's mailbox, I think GSA could become more active in an effort to communicate, but most importantly engage with members outside the GSA community while dispersing these materials. Perhaps members who are willing to walk to each department, can introduce themselves and inform the graduate students and members of that particular department how GSA can improve graduate student life. Hopefully this can open an efficient forum and give a personal touch to an overlooked label. I think a major problem isn't just a lack of communication but a lack of contact, this may further improve the passivity of the flier.

Further still, if elected, I will work to improve recruitments to the graduate community at UCR. As we are all aware, the undergraduate population is quickly increasing. This means that more graduate students are needed to TA the ever growing community. I think that extending our welcome and sending GSA newsletters to prospective students may make GSA more accessible to the incoming graduate population.

Furthermore, in my own department, we recently had prospective students visit the campus. In an effort to improve the graduate community, two SAGA members actually hosted them for the weekend. On their visit to campus, the Anthropology graduate community was eager to assure their comfort and many students volunteered their time, despite the fact that it was week eight in the quarter, to facilitate these students. I think that making this project a campus wide event for all prospective graduate students, in every department, could prove beneficial to the graduate student population.

Thus, if elected, I would be an asset to GSA. I would work to enhance communication among the graduate student community and extend that communication to the prospective graduate community. I am fully committed to making all voices heard and interacting with students, faculty and staff about current and future concerns of GSA

Write-In Candidates

Two Candidates so far.

Name Chen Lin (Lincoln) Department Chemical Engineering
Candidate Statement
My name is Lin, Chen(also known as Lincoln). I am a second year graduate student in Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department.

From the end of last academic year, I started to participate social activities in UCR. I volunteer to be an International Peer Adviser(IPA), whose duty is to welcome new International students on behalf of our university and help them to settle down after they arrive in Riverside. I also serve Chinese community as the president of Chinese Students and Scholars Association(CSSA). In the meantime, I work as an Academic Affair Officer(AAO) in Graduate Student Association(GSA). As the president of CSSA, I had the opportunity to work with my fellow students as a leader, to organize and coordinate large activities, to facilitate the interactions with corresponding Chinese groups of other UC campuses. Especially by working on the fund raising and organizing of Chinese Spring Festival event, I had campus-wide interactions with administrators, staffs, professors and students and establish good relationship with them. It also gives me a better understanding of university policies and people. As an IPA, I have learnt how to work with my American teammate to accomplish something together. On the orientation day of the beginning of each quarter, we need to get up at 6 o'clock to do all the preparation and decoration for whole day's event. We are exhausted at the end of the day. But the rewarding is great. We are so proud because we are doing something for UCR. Being a AAO in GSA, I gained first-hand opinion about our university from a lot of graduate students. By attending the Chancellor's Retreat of last year, I was able to listen to the concerns from other graduate representatives and express our concerns directly to high administrators of UCR.

But no matter what kinds of work I did, I noticed a very important thing, which is also the primary motivation for me to actively participate GSA activities. When I work as an IPA, new graduate students will always ask me: Is there any organization that we all can join and is there such an organization that serve for us? When I stood on the stage at the end of Chinese Spring Festival event, I was too excited to give any speech. I told myself: I did it. But in my mind, I know that without the co-work of my fellow students, without the support from Liam and Dian, without the support from GSA. We were not able to launch such a big event at all. So finally, I realize that as graduate students, we do need an organization that we can trust, an organization that we can depend on, an organization that can help us to make our dream reality. Graduate Students Association is the right place for us to participate in to not only meet new friends and have fun, but discuss seriously about issues that may affect our life in UCR, and more importantly, empower ourselves to part of the process of making decisions and making a difference for all graduate students. It is because of this that I decide to increase my level of participation in GSA.

I AM RUNNING FOR Executive Vice President(EVP). Part of its job will be to represent GSA of UCR at the meetings of University of California Students Association(UCSA), to manage external affairs, to report on the policies and issues that may have impacts on our graduate students, and to coordinate and ensure the participation of UCR graduate students in UCSA activities. I love this work because it allows me to serve our graduate population in a totally different way by applying the communication and social capabilities and skills that has been developed before. I love this work because I believe that by active interactions with other UC campus, we are able to make faster and better progress. You know, we have a mini-grant program that other UC campus do not have. They might have some other wonderful program that we want to learn from too. We can benefit each other.

Executive Vice President is a challenge work for me. But I am very confident to welcome this challenge with all of my enthusiasm, my diligent work and your support! Thank you and VOTE FOR ME!!!

Lin, Chen (Lincoln)

Name Reiko Ishihara Department Anthropology
Candidate Statement
My name is REIKO ISHIHARA. I would like to run for Executive Vice President. I have served as the GSA Secretary this year, and would like to continue serving the GSA in a more active position. Throughout this year as Secretary, I have had the opportunity to interact and work with the other members on the Executive Board, learning about issues that concern us as graduate students.

There are several reasons why I am a competent candidate for Executive Vice President, as I have a high level of commitment to and interest on the various issues regarding graduate student life.

In the Dept of Anthropology, I have been a core member of the James C. Young Colloquium Organizing Committee for the past 2 years, in which our primary goal this year was to expand outside our dept and UCR, in order to enhance our graduate experience professionally, scholarly, and socially. We did succeed, and we attained a great first step forward. I have also attended and participated in several national conferences as well as acted as Chair of a Symposium at a national conference, hopefully some indication of my professional side, which is an important and necessary aspect of the EVP in meeting with administrators and representatives from other campuses.

Politically, I have been active both on campus in the UCR Student Peace Coalition and in the Riverside community Peace Coalition. I attended the West Coast Regional Meeting held in November in Berkeley representing the Riverside area for California Schoo ls Against War. This is not a statement on my political stance but I would rather like to stress my concern for political awareness and the importance in maintaining a critical frame of mind.

Furthermore, my interest in political and social issues, many of which have a direct effect on graduate students, has led me to become involved in the CASE/UAW, or the student employee union on campus, and I have recently been actively involved in the organizing component of the Union. If elected, I would like to bring to the table the knowledge and experience I have received from the Union so that we are all more keenly aware of our political and social context in which we are working and studying as graduate students.

One of my main concerns is the expansion of UCR and the seeming lack of graduate students in the picture; if the undergraduate population is increasing almost exponentially, there is an obvious problem when the graduate student population is not following the trend. After all, it is the graduate students who teach these undergraduate students in sections, labs, and other classes. I would like to emphasize the significance of the recruitment of prospective graduate students as well as maintaining a high level of support for the current graduate population. The value of graduate students and their crucial role in the University needs to be highlighted to the administration.

With my anthropological background, I would like to bring in a more humanistic perspective into GSA. For example, I am a Japanese female amidst a white, male majority in the GSC, something which has been bothering me since the onset of my involvement with GSA. My anthropological training has allowed me to gain a broad understanding and willingness to learn and educate myself and others on a wide array of social, political, legal, and economic issues that concern us as graduate students. Also my bi-cultural background in both Japan and in the US and my extensive fieldwork experience in Central America allows me to be culturally and socially sensitive, being open to new ideas and discussion on a variety of issues, which I think is imperative on this cult urally, racially, and ethnically diverse campus.

One of the duties for EVP is to attend the monthly UCSA Board of Directors meetings. I am eager to network and interact with other campus representatives, in order to learn and design effective strategies in response to the various student issues we face on campus. Likewise, I would like to encourage increased awareness and coordinate participation in activities and issues raised and discussed by fellow graduate students.

I am excited about serving the GSA as your EVP, as I will be able to effectively apply my various political and social experiences to the position. Please VOTE for REIKO ISHIHARA!



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