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This site is designed to allow UCR students (both undergraduate and graduate) a way to vote on upcoming elections. In order to access this site you need your student identification number and your permanent personal iIdentification number (PERMPIN) and you need to be currently enrolled in a minimum of at least 1 course, with all your fees paid.

If you do not know your PERMPIN, or you have forgotten your PERMPIN, you may obtain it from the Office of the Registrar, 1100 Hinderaker Hall, but you must come in person and bring a picture ID.

If you satisfy these requirements and are still experiencing difficulty logging into the system contact the Web Site Manager.

If you are still experiencing difficulties or you need assistance operating the system please visit one of our polling sites located at various places on Campus.

However we recommend that if possible you use your own personal computer to vote in the election as this would decrease foot traffic to the polling places.

For more information on the various candidates on the ballot at this time please choose from the menu bar down the side of this page. You should know that the candidates that you actually vote on depends on the college you are enrolled with and whether or not you are a graduate Student. After entering your permpin and student identification number you will automatically be taken to the correct ballot for your college.

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