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Any full-time graduate student in good academic standing during the academic year of the term of office is eligible for office, subject to the additional qualification that the names of no more than two students from one department may be offered up for candidacy for office. No qualified graduate student shall be denied candidacy on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, or national origin.


Please click on the office name for a current list of candidates.
Position Stipend Duties (from Constitution and By-Laws) Qualifications (recommended)
President $3,915.00 for 12 months
  • Manage the general operations of the GSA
  • Call, chair and set the agenda for meetings of the Graduate Student Council
  • Appoint students to serve on campuswide and GSA committees
  • Oversee and manage the GSA's budget
  • Represent students at the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate
  • Represent graduate students before the UCR Alumni Association
  • Maintain 6 office hours per week
The candidates for President should have the ability to
  • manage teams
  • manage a budget
  • deal with administrators
  • manage projects
  • delegate tasks
  • facilitate discussions
The candidates should state their vision for the near future of graduate education at UCR
Executive Vice President $3,915.00 for 12 months
  • Manage the GSA's external affairs
  • Act as president in the absence of the President
  • Represent GSA at the board of directors of the UC Student Association
  • Report on the activities of UCSA and coordinate participation in them by UCR graduate students.
  • Report on legislation impacting the UC and its graduate students
  • Maintain 4 office hours per week
The candidates for Executive Vice President should have the ability to
  • educate him/herself and others on social, political, legal and economic issues affecting graduate students
  • network with other student groups and organisations, in and outside UCR
  • deal with administrators
  • travel to meetings of UCSA, NAGPS and other organisations' meetings
Vice President for Academic Affairs $2,190.00 for 10 months
  • Liaison with departmental GSA's
  • Encourage representation from departments without a GSA
  • Oversee the Academic Affairs Officers
  • Coordinate student response to problems within his/her purview
  • Act as president in the absence of the president and EVP.
  • Maintain 4 office hours per week
The candidates for Vice President of Academic Affairs should have the ability to
  • educate him/herself and others on issues affecting the quality of academic life for UCR graduate students
  • manage teams
  • deal with administrators
Health Insurance Committee Chair $1,800.00 for 10 months
  • Manage the decision-making process regarding health care for UCR graduate students.
  • Research the best health-insurance policies available
  • Serve on campus-wide committees related to health policy
  • Call a health insurance premium referendum if necessary
  • Oversee quality control of the GSHIP
  • Assess policies and services of the UCR health center.
  • Inform the graduate student body on health-related issues
  • Maintain 2 office hours per week
The candidates for Health Insurance Committtee Chair should have the ability to
  • educate him/herself and others on health issues affecting graduate students
  • work closely with staff at the Student Health Center insurance office
  • provide customer support
  • deal with insurance providers
Public Relations Officer $2,460.00 for 10 months
  • Edit and produce a monthly newsletter
  • Assist other officers in reporting to the graduate student population
  • Manage GSA's public-relations activities
  • Maintain 3 office hours per week
The candidates for Public Relations Officer should have the ability to effectively use all media available to the GSA (phone, fax, e-mail, posters, web, printed media, etc)

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