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2003 Candidates for the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Vibhore Bhaskar Vibhore Bhaskar
A senator needs to have a strong voice and enough courage to stand up and represent his/her constituents. The candidate must be committed, a hard worker and determined to lead by example. I am this candidate. By being Assistant Personnel Chair in the year past, as well as being on the Commons Board of Governors this year, I feel I have demonstrated these qualities. Also, through involvement in not only these committees but other organizations on campus such as UCR MUN, I have shown leadership qualities that have made me aware of common concerns on campus as well as exposure to policies and procedures of the ASUCR.
Matthew Lyon Matthew Lyon
I believe that I am a good candidate because I am interested in creating change in UCR. I am extremely involved in campus activities and belong to diverse campus organizations. My main goal is to improve UCR and create a better atmosphere for UCR students.
Jocyl Sacramento Jocyl Sacramento
A student is what I am.
Your voice is what I represent.
Change is what I can bring.
Unity is what we need.
Hope is what we have.
Our experiences will be shared.
Our voice will be strengthened.
Our resources will be utilized for our benefit.
Our diversity will be unified.
Our future will be improved.
I am here with an open-mind to listen.
Katipunan, UC Student Association, Vice Chair of Finance Committee, Campus Organizing Director, Youth and Community Outreach Program, Asian Pacific Student Programs, Senator 2001-2002, Executive Assistant to the President.
Elizabeth Jane Conwell Elizabeth Jane Conwell
The Senate's most important responsibility is to represent the students. While UCR is one of the most diverse of the UC campuses, we all have one thing in common, a goal to see UCR prosper. Like a piece of fine art appreciates as the reputation and acclaim of the artist grows, so too does the diploma appreciate as the university gains in rank and reputation. It is my goal to help push UCR to a new level of excellence and create an institution that will inspire a heightened sense of pride in the students who attend it.
Alexander Davis Alexander Davis
I am a student with the best interest of students at heart. The best place for me to be then, is in a position where I would be able to pursue those interests so that they may benefit our campus. I have involved myself through many different ways including the Associated Students Program Baord. I have a love and respect for this campus that I would like to translate into actions, actions that can be made if i am elected a position as a Senator of ASUCR.
Ash Iranfar Ash Iranfar
I feel I have the experience, and enthusiasm to serve this campus. I served many positions in High School including: Freshman Class pres., Sophomore Class Pres., Junior Class Pres., ASB Commissioner of Fundraising and ASB President. Since I have come to UCR I have been a RHA representative as well as the MUN Director of Fundraising/Interclub Activities. My being repeately elected is strong evidence that the student body was satisfied with my performance. Considering this, and the fact that I will be a sophomore, I will have years to serve you. I have the potential to make each and everyone of you proud to be a student at UCR. I will be most honored to receive your vote so that I may serve you and our community with enthusiasm, respect, experience, creativity , and pride. Thank you.
Matthew Cowan Matthew Cowan
I believe I would make a great addition to ASUCR Senate because of my passion for UCR. There are so many opportunities I want the students here to see that they have. My other goals are to increase vother turn out for elections, I would make campus involvement and community service a staple, as well as working closely with ASPB in creating a destination like atmosphere.
Eduardo J. Aguilar Eduardo J. Aguilar
Students should vote for me because I will listen to their concerns and take them into consideration when representing them. When it comes to taking actions to address their concerns, I will do anything I can to take the necessary steps on solving them. All of my educational life I have been involved in community service and community issues. Since I have part of UCR I have participated in student organizations to make sure that student voices are heard."
Nickel Lester Nickel Lester
I feel that it is time for the representative body of the students, as well as the administration, of this campus to take note of the opinions, wants, needs, and concerns of the student body. As a senator for CHASS I feel it would be my job to act as that link. It would be my opportunity to help the changes and advancements that I think would be beneficial to UCR.
Catherine Noelle Cu Catherine Noelle Cu
My strong involvement with in the API community has given me a great opportunity to dialogue with fellow API and non-API students on campus. Be it about what programs they would like to see in the future, or what issues they face as students. I've had a lot of experience coordinating events and programs, as well as holding various positions. My experiences have also led me to work with other program offices such as LGBTRC, ASP, CSP, GEARS, and ASUCR. As your senator I will work to improve student relations among organizations and communities on campus and to ensure the student voice be heard.
Blaec Kalweit Blaec Kalweit
I would like the opportunity to represent the students at UCR in the capacity of senator. I am currently a second year student, wanting the apportunity to use my public relations skills to work with students to increase school pride, promote ideas and act as a liaison with administration in decisions that will be beneficial to all students both current and future. As a senator I will make it a priority to represent the thoughts, ideas and feelings of all students at UCR.
Casey Monroe Casey Monroe
I have always considered my self a servant of the people. I have been involved in student government my entire life. As a freshman I joined the Associated Students Program Board, more commonly known as ASPB. Over the past three years on the board I have developed a comprehensive understanding of campus politics and structure while simultaneously making personal connections with many campus officials. Using the skills and connections I have acquired, I would like to work toward improving student life as well as Greek life on the cfmapus and work to united the UCR student population.
Atira Harris Atira Harris
I became involved with ASUCR at the beginning of Fall 2002. I was hired as the historian under the president's office. During the past two quarters I've seen and become familiar with what goes on in the office and what responsibilities are needed for the senator position. I work at two other offices on campus; student life + the Chancellor's office. I am familiar with the campus and many of its students, and I believe the position would be a great opportunity to be more involved and help the students. I am currently the vice-president of African-American United in Science, and I feel that this leadership role will help with ehe qualities a senator should have.
Adi Davis Adi Davis
Based upon my diverse experiences, I feel that I would greatly benefit the undergraduate student population of UCR as a Senator. I have a record of involvement and leadership on campus and currently serve as the Director of School Spirit and Traditions for ASUCR. Given the current system-wide budget cuts I hope to work within the Reg.Fee Committee to protect the funds needed for student services and work against the increases in tuition. I intend to help planning for the future development of the campus while having the foresight and vision to maintain student success in this time of growth.
Associated Students of the University of California, Riverside | Graduate Student Association of UCR
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