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2003 Candidates for the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Carlo M. Carino Carlo M. Carino
In turbulent times like these, it's hard to imagine that one person can shift a nation or even begin a movement that affects the country. Through my years as a UCR student, I have come to realize that it always begins with one person and that one person should begin with myself. I believe that my candidacy is not based on the actions I've done in the past but rather that of my Senate goals to rid UCR of apathy, to enlighten my fellow students of choices we were never told, and to make UCR pride a priority once again. All that I ask is that I be given the chance to strengthen the foundation of our towering student community, so that I may help others reach heights we have always yearned for.
Jan Remetir Jan Remetir
I want to give a shout-out to all my brothers and sisters involved in the "groove-ment", Asian Pacific Student Programs, Chicano Student programs, Native American Student Programs, African student Programs, The LGBTRC, Katipunan, California Coalition for Philipino Studies, CSA The Act and the Rondallia Ensemble at UCR. Many of you know who I am, spread the word. For anyone who has any questions about my character and work ethic, please call the APSP office (909) 787-7272 and ask "What's up with Jan Jan??!" or if you see me around campus, feel free to engage me in a critical discussion about, ... anything!! I will be looking forward to it.
Donovan Jones Donovan Jones
I currently work in the ASUCR office of external affairs as the Voter Registration and Education Director. I have been involved in many clubs, music groups, athletic teams and many other organizations space does not permit me to state. I have a passion for service and a love for this campus. I do a lot of work locally and nationally for students and being on senate would give me the opportunity to continue my work, as well as represent the students on the campus I love.
Travis Randel Travis Randel
As a freshman, I was a representative for Residence Halls Association (RHA) representing our school at the NACURH, and again this year at the Region Equivalent known as PACURH. I currently serve as the RHA Activities Chair for the Lothian Residence Hall. I am also a co-founder and Executive Vice-President of the Student Association for neighborhood Development, and organizaton that should be established during the spring quarter. As a current ASUCR Senator, I have been fighting for the voice of th College of Natural and Agricultural stduents and I plan to continue this fight as long as you allow me.
Michael Chu Michael Chu
"Cheese!" Why vote for me? Who could resist this adorable face? All kidding aside, if chosen as senator to represent CNAS, I would make it my goal to address the needs and concerns of every student while promoting open dialogue between the student body, student government, and the University. I am currently employed as a Program Coordinator at the A & I Residence Halls and the experiences I have gained from this job have taught me the skills to foster a healthy community as well as workng and cooperating with other people and campus organizations. Remember, "CHU FOR YOU After 2002!"
Jamal Phillips Jamal Phillips
As a Senator for the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, I vow to fairly and justly represent the students. I will ensure that accountability and consistency will be maintained and upheld. It is important that we continue to make UCR a great campus and improve upon the success that it has had in the past. While striving to improve campus spirit. I will fight to represent the needs of the students and will be dedicated to UCR. I will not give in to pressures and will not allow the students to be misrepresented.
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