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2003 Candidates for the College of Engineering

Jeremy Harrison Jeremy Harrison
I am a Computer Engineering Major and am working on a mathematics minor. As you all know, this is not an easy feat, so I am no stranger to working hard. As well as being involved academically, I love to work with other students in order to enhance their school experience. As a student senator, my goal is to improve the overall student services and campus clubs to get students involved in order to raise much needed school spirit. I look forward to representing you next year on campus.
Patrick L. Kobold Patrick L. Kobold
If I am elected senator I will work extremely hard for all of the organizations and/or individuals I am representing. I will hear each and every inquiry and will meet the demands of legitimate group(s) and/or individual(s) seeking funding, or representation on campus. I want to foster a healthy university/industry relationship where students can come and listen to speakers from various companies. I also want to work in conjunction with the Learning Center to create information session, where the Learning Center can make all students aware of their resources. Vote for me, you will be heard.
Nick Soracco Nick Soracco
I think students should vote for me because I have a different perspective on the functions of the Senate, and an outsider has advantages over an incumbent. Incumbents are too comfortable in their position, and merely go with the flow to avoid rocking the boat. I fully intend to use all power available to make the Senate more effective and in touch with students. As I will be a senior in Computer Science, I am not afraid of hard work. And hard work is what we need to restore ASUCR to a position of integrity.
Mohamed Felo Mohamed Felo
I am running for this position in order to better student life here on campus. We are an up and coming campus, one that needs to be pointed in the right direction early on in it�s development. I want to be a part of this development process, as I will make sure the students receive the accommodations they desire. I want to work for you in order to accomplish a better campus for us. Vote for me, and God willing I will advocate the rights of students here at UCR.
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