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2003 Candidates for GSA Executive Vice President

Samer Fayssal
Department of Electrical Engineering

My name is Samer Fayssal, I am a PhD researcher in the Electrical Engineering Dept. I am the current AAO for the Engineering Dept and the previous GSA International Student officer. I served on the board of Directors in the associated students at Cal-state Fullerton. I am a member in the IEEE society and a member in the Task force for Civility and Tolerance. I received a big number of honors and awards. One of the awards in the outstanding international student of the Year 2002 at Cal-state Fullerton.

I am a Teacher at the Physics Dept and a Steward in the TA union.

I am willing to use my experience to serve the Graduate students in all fields. I have a group of programs in mind that help in making the student life at UCR more enjoyable. I will try to make the application processes for the mini grants easier and run faster. I will fight for better health insurance for my fellow grad students.

I will work closely to the GSA group and the UCSA as well because the teamwork will make big difference in the organization productivity. Please give me the chance to serve you.

Samer Fayssal

Xuan (Eric) Zhang
Department of Mechanical Engineering

I am Xuan (Eric) Zhang, a second year graduate student in Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UCR. It will be my honor to have this chance to keep on serving the graduate community. GSA is playing a more and more active role in our campus life, and it benefits all of the graduate students. I believe participating in GSA is a good choice to contribute to our community and is also an exciting experience which can enrich my life as a graduate student. During the past 3 months of my tenure as the EVP, I have been able to foster interaction among graduate student of various department of UC system, helped graduate students of UCR to broaden their academic horizons and achieve their career goals via participating in the mini-grant program, serving on the UCSA executive board, and associating myself with administration for the future growth and amelioration of graduate students.

I have always been glad to work for the community, and understand the spirit of teamwork and leadership very well. In my first year in UCR, I served in the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. My current position in GSA at UCR is Executive Vice President. I am also the President of Material Research Society, an academic student organization in UCR. My work experience is another advantage. As a project leader in Philips Semiconductors Shanghai Technology Center, I received professional training on management, and had the chance to apply them in my work. I am sure all these experiences and knowledge will benefit my future work and my community.

I am applying for the position of Executive Vice President to continue serving the graduate students community, in an efficient and successful manner. I am confident that with your understanding and support, I can do my best for you and for our community.

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