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2003 Candidates for GSA Health Insurance Chair

Anthony Avila
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

As Health Insurance Chairperson, I would like to oversee the service and care that our Graduates receive from the 'mandatory' Health Care that is provided for our convenience. As a regular consumer of bad service, I believe there is no excuse for incompetence when it comes to health issues that affect graduate students. Many of us like the security blanket that Health care provides and I want to be there to ensure that the service is there when we need it most.

Thank you,
Anthony Avila.

Kathryn Webber
Department of English

In the position of Health Insurance Chair, I would be undertaking very familiar duties. For six years, I was employed by a medical practice where my main duties were billing which involves the processing of patient's claims, but also an understanding o f various insurance policies and their rules and regulations. I understand how insurance companies operate and I know how to fight with them to obtain coverage. Furthermore, prior to my career as a graduate student, I was employed as a career employee at UC Irvine and am very familiar with UC medical coverage, the options afforded career employees, etc.

I feel strongly that health insurance is a right and not a privilege and I hope to make important strides in our health coverage, filling in gaps where you, the graduate student body, feel it is needed most.

Toby Bartels
Department of Mathematics

I have been involved with the Graduate Student Association and the GSHIP Committee for three years. I intend to use this experience to ensure that the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program provides the best possible service to UCR's graduate students.

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