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2003 Candidates for GSA Public Relations Officer

Jasmine C. Payne
Department of English

I am currently in my third year of graduate study in English at UCR. My experiences in the professional sector and at UCR make me an excellent candidate for the Graduate Student Association's Public Relations Officer. During the 2001-2002 school year I co-chaired (Dis)Junctions, UC Riverside's Humanities conference. This event, which required coordination with numerous other campus organizations, departments, and offices, necessitated that my co-chair and I produce publicity through an Internet website, campus announcements and fliers, as well as mass mailing to departments on other campuses., Also, for several years I have worked with the Center for Ideas and Society, creating fliers for public events and lectures. In addition to experience coordinating publicity at UCR, I have also worked in a professional Public Relations setting. As an intern at the Fox Broadcasting Corporation, I familiarized myself with the inner-workings of large-scale publicity campaigns, press releases, and graphic design. Professional and campus experience provide me with the necessary skills to keep you informed about key issues, events and concerns facing the graduate student community.

U Loi Lao
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Be enthusiastic and patient.

Lauren Quinn
Department of Botany and Plant Sciences

Serving as co-chair of the Botany & Plant Sciences GSA for the past year has given me experience organizing both small-scale department gatherings and large-scale events. I will gladly take on this responsibility for the GSA.

Katherine Willcox
Department of Environmental Toxicology

I would like to maintain the current activities available for graduate students as well as adding additional events for student to get out of labs/libraries and de-stress. I will do my best to improve the vocalization of the opinions/concerns of fellow students.

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