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2003 Candidates for GSA Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gaurav Kumar Agarwal
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

If elected I would to meet with fellow graduate students regularly and discuss system-wide and state-wide policies which impact students and of which the student body needs to be aware. I would put forward proposals based on academic model implemented by other successful schools, to further improve UCR academics. I would work in close relation with the President, the Executive Vice President, and the GSC to implement new policies and respond to student issues and problems.

I have been office bearer during my school and undergraduate college level of various offices and I confident that I will fulfill my responsibility as the Vice President of Academic Affairs, if elected. Please vote for me.

Scott Silverman
Department of Environmental Science

I hereby file my candidacy for the position of VP of Academic Affairs because I know that I will be able to do what it takes to advocate for graduate students on academic issues. Over the past two years I have served as my departmental representative to the Graduate Student Council, and this past year served as the Graduate Division Liaison. Additionally, I have served two terms as Chairperson of the Registration Fee Advisory Committee, one term on RFAC as Vice Chair, two terms as Senator for the undergraduate Council a few years ago, during which I served as both the Academic Affairs Director, and the Vice President for Campus Internal Affairs. I have served on multiple campus-wide and system wide committees, working with administrators at all hierarchical levels, staff, and most importantly, representing and interacting with my fellow students.

I have a lot of ideas for the thorough and superb completion of the VP Academic Affairs' duties, including securing more representation from the currently inactive departmental pre positions, supervising the six collegiate Academic Affairs Officers, and coordinating all actions and responses to concerns raised about academics on campus. To give just one example of the academically related work I have done for UCR occurred during my first year in student government, as an undergraduate, I successfully led a lobbying effort to convince the campus administration to build a new facility that would house the Learning Center, effectively replacing the decrepit trailers that had been its home for over a decade. You can see the Learning Center now in the Surge Building.

If you want someone who will go the extra mile, and then some, for you and your peers in advocating for graduate students on academic issues, then vote for me. I have dedicated a lot of time into student representation government, and I have a real passion for serving our student population.

Vote for Scott, May 7-14

Peter Jensen
Department of Entomology

I have experience as the president of the Entomology GSA for the past year, and co-chair of the social committee for the EGSA in the previous year. I have learned a lot in the past 2 years working with the EGSA and hope to continue learning in my capacity with the GSA.

Jiangang Yu
Department of Electrical Engineering

My name is Jiangang Yu. The participation in the activities of GSA is something that I would enjoy. I would like to be able to use this opportunity to make GSA a better association to serve the students. I was the Vice Presendent of the Student Union of Graduate School when I studied in my country.In addition,because of my significant work I got the Excellent Student Leader in my school.I am an open-minded person who is responsible, dedicated to my position, and easy-going person. Thank you for your vote.

Thank you!

Jing Yuan
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Academic success is of the most importance for all of the graduate students. I agree that this success is mainly based on your personal endeavor. But your academic study would become more efficient and strategic if someone could help you to make use of the resources and programs from Graduate Student Association (GSA) as well as the whole UCR campus. That is my understanding of the responsibility of Vice President for Academic Affairs of GSA.

Unfortunately, most of the graduate students here at UCR currently are not aware of the existences of these resources, even the existence of GSA itself. It is time to make some change now! I believe that, getting more and more graduate students involved in the association is of the first priority that a vice president of GSA needs to do. If elected, I, along with all of the academic affairs representatives, will work together to ensure that the entire UCR graduate students receive benefits from their membership in this Association. My ultimate goal as a Vice President for Academic Affairs is, I want every graduate student at UCR believes that there is an organization that we can trust, an organization that we can depend on, an organization that can help us in need, an organization that can make our dream reality, and that's GSA.

I hope I have the chance to tell every UCR graduate student that: Don't feel alone, GSA is always with you!

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