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2003 Candidates for GSA President

Jason Tondro
Department of English

As a candidate for GSA President I bring several valuable assets to the table, including:

- Two years active membership in GSA, serving in both appointed positions (Graduate Division Liaison) and crucial committees (Mini-Grant)

- Years of experience running a business, managing a $300,000/year budget, initiating community relations work and being accountable for the organization's overall performance. I was responsible for hiring, training, and coordinating a staff similar in size to that of the GSA officer corps.

- A strong, constructive relationship with departments and colleges across campus, including both individual administrators and their offices.

My intention as President is to continue along the path GSA has followed for the last two years, specifically in regards to spending our large financial reserves. We are a service organization, not a bank. That money can be spent on programs proposed by and benefiting graduate students, enhancing the visibility and influence of the GSA in these difficult budgetary times.

Jason Tondro

Joseph W. Cooke
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

This is a time when the UCR campus is trying to expand rapidly and achieve the national recognition that it deserves. The GSA will play a key role in representing the graduate community to the administration and can have a significant impact in the decision making processes that will lead to achieving this lofty goal. With the rapid growth in the graduate population and expansion into new programs, it is imperative to have representation that can speak on behalf of the entire community.

I am running for the Office of President of GSA because I feel that I can play such a role. I have graduate education experience in engineering and business to better represent the broad perspectives of our graduate community here at UCR. I also have work experience ranging from the chemical industry to investment banking, including international experience. For these reasons, I feel I will be prepared to represent the graduate student body.

This is a critical time for UCR with the expected growth in the campus and graduate programs. It is important to maintain a healthy community and sustainable development to attain the long-term goals of our campus.


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