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Spring 2004: ASUCR Referendum

Authored by: Jeremy Harrison

ASUCR recognizes the increasing student population of the University, and with this increasing population, the demand for increased funding. With the current budget, ASUCR eventually will not be able to meet this demand. ASUCR is committed to providing services to student clubs and organizations and to ensuring that there are adequate funds to equally serve all student organizations. To do this, ASUCR is proposing an increased fee to provide essential and adequate student representation and services.

Currently $12.50 per student per quarter is given to ASUCR, $2.00 of which is allocated to clubs and organizations. This bill proposes that the current fee be increased $1.50 every two years beginning Fall 2004. The fee increases will continue for 10 years until the last increase in Fall 2014.
In the 04/05 academic year, the quarterly fee will be $14.00
In the 06/07 academic year, the quarterly fee will be $15.50
In the 08/09 academic year, the quarterly fee will be $17.00
In the 10/11 academic year, the quarterly fee will be $18.50
In the 12/13 academic year, the quarterly fee will be $20.00
See Distribution section for details on how each increase will be dispersed.
The quarterly fee will remain at $20.00 until such time as altered by referendum in accord with the ASUCR constitution.

Distribution of Increased Fees:
The each fee increase will be split into three (3) parts:

Club Funding
One-third, fifty cents per student per quarter, will go into Club Funding.

Clubs and organizations serve a critical function on campus for both cultural as well as educational diversity. With the amount of student clubs on campus increasing every year, the amount of money requested has increased as well. With a depleting reserve fund, ASUCR is unable to adequately fund many clubs on campus. This referendum will more than double the amount of money that can be allocated to student clubs and organizations.

Student Initiated Outreach
One-third, fifty cents per student per quarter, will go towards Student Initiated Outreach.

Student Initiated Outreach provides the schools, K-12, in the community with programs to help the academic growth of students by way of the efforts of various UCR student organizations. In effect these programs will encourage students to apply to and attend UCR. With state budget cuts, the amount of money given to the University for Student Initiated Outreach has been drastically cut. This will ensure that these UCR organizations will be able to continue with Student Initiated Outreach programs despite budget shortages in the future.

ASUCR Operations
One-third, fifty cents per student per quarter, will go into ASUCR operations.

With the population of Students on the rise at UCR, ASUCR will need to expand in order to meet the needs and demands of the students. This expansion includes, but is not limited to: student representation and advocacy, updated student amenities, student events, programs and activities, and services in general.

This bill will take effect in Fall 2004, with a majority vote of at least 20% of the student population.

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