2004 ASUCR Election Timeline

Monday, March 29: Campaigning Begins

Wednesday, March 31: Open Candidate Forum in the Commons Cafeteria

Monday, April 5: KUCR Candidate Forum

Tuesday, April 6:Voting begins at 8:00 am; ONLINE VOTING; Krispy Kreme; NOFX band playing at night

Wednesday, April 7: ONLINE VOTING; Candy Bars

Thursday, April 8: ONLINE VOTING; Krispy Kreme; ASPB Movi; Voting closes @ 5:00 pm; Election Results are verified by Atira and Julia

Friday, April 9: Election results are posted at 8:00am in AS Office; Candidate posters must be taken down

Tuesday, April 13: Possible Run-Off Elections

Wednesday, April 14: Possible Run-Off Elections

First Elections Meeting for Voting of the Officers

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