2006 Candidates for the College of Engineering


Arturo Gomez

I�m Arturo Gomez, a freshman Engineering student. Not new to student organizations, I make it a priority to remain open minded. I believe that officials should be accessible, and I�ll work to the best of my ability to be so. After all, I�m a student just like you.






Mashud Qayum

I am currently a freshman and majoring in Electrical Engineering. I have previous leadership experience from high school, and I believe that I can do the best job as the COE senator. My primary goal is to enrich our experiences here as students of the COE and enhance student participation.



Christopher Salam

I think every student has something to say. My job is to listen and respond to those needs. It is my goal to bridge the gaps and find common goals for all students: scientific or artistic. I am committed to this campus and committed to you. Read more at www.myspace.com/students_voice.








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