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Cabinet Position Position Description
President The President is expected to have the executive responsibilities of ASUCR.
Executive Vice President The office of the Executive Vice-President serves as the primary manager of all ASUCR internal operations such as serving as the chair of the Senate, and also developing quality student atmosphere by assisting the student body president in promoting student awareness across the UCR community
Vice President of Campus Internal Affairs The Vice-President of Campus Internal Affairs coordinates all campaigns and services relating to issues that pertain to the internal functioning of the Riverside campus of the University of California.
Vice President of External Affairs The Vice President of External Affairs functions as the head of the Office of External Affairs to carry out duties regarding advocacy external to the University and system-wide including, but not limited to, voter registration, lobbying elected representatives, and campus organizing and advocacy on issues pertinent to UCR students.
Marketing and Promotions Director The Marketing and Promotions Director is tasked with chairing the ASUCR Marketing Committee in order to fulfill all needs related to public relations for ASUCR, promotional items, artwork, marketing for ASUCR, ASUCR website administration, and communications/social media outlets for ASUCR.
Outreach Director ASUCR Outreach is responsible for the delegation and allocation of Outreach funds, moreover, promoting Outreach endeavors to the students of the Riverside community.
Personnel Director The Personnel Director is expected to look for, publicize, and fill open spots, in UCR's committees, as well as oversee the people we appoint to various committees
GCAP Director The Undergraduate Sustainability Director is expected to to chair the Green Campus Action Plan Committee.
Senator A Senator is expected to advocate for the needs of the general student body, and vote on legislation.

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